Heart & Soul Advocacy is dedicated to helping parents of students with special needs and/or at-risk for failure obtain the necessary support and services to assist their child with making adequate progress within the school setting. Our services are designed to support both regular education and special education students receive a quality education by helping parents and educators come together cooperatively on behalf of the student. We accomplish this by providing consultation, advocacy representation at school meetings (IEP's, SST's, 504 Plans & Disciplinary Hearings) and much more. Because we our a faith based business, we also support our "like minded" clients through prayer and spiritual guidance. It is our belief that with God all things are possible!

Our desire is to assist anyone in need, especially those less fortunate. Underprivileged students also deserve equal effort and attention required from educator's to reach their full potential, but sadly and all too frequently their needs go neglected. That is why we strive to make our services very affordable so that low income and disadvantaged parents will no longer be taken advantaged of or feel intimidated by the educational system when dealing with matters concerning their child. Nonetheless, we realize that financial struggles may still be a significant concern for some, but don't allow that to stop you from seeking help for your child. Instead, please inquire about our sliding scale fees, bartering options, or pro-bono opportunities if needed. We are devoted to ensuring that all parents take comfort in knowing that we have your child's best interest at Heart & Soul.

At Heart & Soul Advocacy we strive to be a voice for the voiceless and provide help to the helpless. 

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